“I knew very little about NLP, but had heard that with a good practitioner it could be helpful in maintaining an upbeat, positive attitude to life – things that I felt might help me having recently been told that my endometrial cancer had returned. I discovered that Karina was just what I needed.  Not only for her ability as an NLP practitioner but, as importantly to me, for her warmth, optimism and supportive attitude.  After my first session, I drove away feeling that I could conquer the world, let alone cancer…..and so it continued, each visit giving me yet more confidence and strength.” – Diana

“I have re-evaluated “good food” and feel I am looking after myself and my family better. I thought I had a food intolerance and cut out many healthy foods, such as wholemeal bread, nuts and beans to avoid tummy problems. On this diet I have not had any tummy problems despite eating all these things in abundance.” – Ruth

“Karina’s enthusiasm and expert knowledge of her subject makes for an easy to follow plan. I have shared the knowledge I’ve gained, experiences and joy at the results I achieved so far, with friends and family who know how hard it’s been for me to lose weight and regain my ‘zest for life’ after several years of ill health.” – Penny

“THANK YOU Karina for changing my nutritional perspective. I have spent most of my adult life on every conceivable diet and I can honestly say that Karina’s advice and guidance has worked. I have lost weight and I feel great and she has taught me not only to listen to my body, but also to cope with times of challenge. Karina is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable practitioner and has motivated me beyond expectations.” - Tina